WHO we are?


We are a semi retired couple with some of the STRANGEST education and notions. We live here in Largo Florida (part of the Tampa Bay metropolis) and do interesting things with words, pictures, and websites- photos mostly are Beth, web and writing mostly me. YES, those pictures are really of us in one of our more lighthearted moments.

We have our odd talents:

  • Beth: keen eye for a good picture, poetic heart, and a wonderful education into sociology and psychology- and instinctive talents with animals, as well as decades of semi professional experience with them. Also, she's an excellent cook.
  • Kirk: Techno-geek, web weaver, word smith, story teller, electronics maven. So-so cook, but does good BBQ and a mean pot of chili.
  • Splatterpaints: We're not quite sure.

BOTH: blessed with a measure of 'sensitivity', and both have a long list of odd paranormal experiences under their belts- and a friendly spook.

Do we REALLY get strange notions from space aliens? How would we ever know? After all, this MIGHT be a PSYOPS operation promoted by them...



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