Thanks to thousands of spammers, and almost as many hard core fundamentalists and evangelicals who ACTUALLY think we never heard of Christianity or had it properly explained to us (Like already has been a THOUSAND or more times!), we have decided to not currently accepting contact, as this sort of... person simply does not respect our wishes. But they can respect laws regarding privacy, or pay the price to a judge.

HOWEVER, we know there ARE decent CIVILIZED folks who want to discuss space settlement and genuinely alien forms of life; therefore in the near future we will implement a technology that will DAMN liars and cowards into the awful hell of UNPERSONHOOD, and for us, they will never exist. Also, we might include a forum on the website.

Ahh, metaphysics.

HOWEVER, Rammer simply ADORES spam (which makes it giggle at times) so feel free to bother it at and maybe she'll get a chuckle out of it. (It snickered for a week at the fake viagra spam blizzard). You might also sent some spam to MOM@kidsville, who loves to do a madlibs thing with it. PERSONALLY, I use it for asswipe.

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